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There are also new releases in the furniture line. Tramontina United Kingdom, together with Tramontina Belém (PA), joined forces and developed an exclusive line of furniture designed for the European market (the Feelings Line, as it is called in the United Kingdom, and Mistral in Brazil). These are furniture items that mixes natural surfaces and color, which gives a contemporary touch to the environments. They are produced in Teak and Tauari wood from sustainable forest management with an Ecoclear finish, which allows for greater durability for outdoor use.

Still keeping an eye on the trend for a more comfortable and multifunctional house, Tramontina launches the Verona furniture collection in reforested Teak wood with a varnished finish. There are 13 light furniture products, including chairs, tables, armchairs, benches, and sofas with a modern, versatile design that fits compact spaces. As they are weather resistant, they can furnish indoor and semi-open spaces, making the connection between the intimacy of the house and the outside world - in gourmet porches, balconies, small gardens, and whatever else your imagination allows.

Speaking of gardens, that is where we are going with our next release: two new lines of flower beds. The Andaluz Flower Bed line, in polyethylene, has its name inspired by the charm and beauty of the Andalusian courtyards. It is available in 33 cm, 43 cm and 53 cm sizes and in three colors: brown, beige, and concrete, it holds the most varied species of plants, from ornamental ones, such as ferns, to cultivation ones, such as succulents, and can transform any environment.

Andaluz Line

The other line is the Malaia Flower Beds, produced in one size. Available in brown, beige, graphite, and concrete colors, the object works as a true vertical garden and is named after Malaysia, whose capital, Singapore, is considered the greenest city on the planet. Each one has four spaces for planting and the consumer can arrange the foliage and flowers they prefer to compose the environment.

Malaia Line

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