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One campaign was successful with over 80 customers and 390 physical POSs, in addition to 17 customers and 199 digital publications in the South, Southeast, Northeast, and North regions. The Frying Pan Festival Campaign was developed thinking about the use of the vines used to hang Easter eggs after this period, being another point of contact for the shopper with the brand. This action is yet another front that Tramontina can deliver to customers in a 360° way, integrating all channels.

The installations were made at POSs across the country.
Customized Atmosphere Project streamlines the shopper’s buying process.

Tramontina’s Trade Marketing, with an eye on the consumer’s purchase journey, developed a customized Atmosphere Project for one of its customers. In addition to a modern structure, the project was fully designed to streamline the shopper’s purchase process, segmenting the space into product categories and taking content to the POS through graphic materials and QR codes, which help in decision making. For exclusive and timeless communication, the POS also has an LED screen, on which the content can be changed at any time and according to launches, promotions, or the campaign that is currently active. For the Mother’s Day Campaign, for example, it was already possible to see the materials applied in the Physical and digital POS, a 360° experience.

Also at the point of sale, to improve the brand’s presentation in department stores and cookshops, together with the Farroupilha (RS) and Cutelaria (RS) factories, in addition to Corporate Marketing, POS materials were developed. For garden center stores, a cardboard display was developed in conjunction with TGermany for items in the Barbecue line.

A partnership between Tramontina and influencer Trisha GuimarãesGuimarães should further intensify the brand’s proximity to customers and consumers in the North region. During the months of June, September, and November 2021, the influencer from Pará presented a mix of products that the consumer did not yet know and visited customers in the region to show the variety of stores that sell Tramontina products. In addition, during this period, she prioritized actions on the promotional calendar, such as Círio de Nazaré and Black November, showing what the customers' POS looked like.


The 110th anniversary celebration helped to strengthen the presence in Singapore.

Tramontina took advantage of its 110th anniversary celebration to reinforce the brand on online platforms, department stores, and supermarkets in Singapore. Through promotions and distribution of gifts to customers, partners, and staff, the brand had the greatest penetration in a single campaign, reaching 110 stores in just one of the country’s supermarket chains.



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