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The line inspired by the movie Wonder Woman 84 has everything to delight superhero fans - and those who love to impress in the kitchen. Tramontina combined convenience and efficiency with exclusive colors and the beauty of the prints to create a cookware set, roasting pans, frying pans, pancake mold/tapioca pan, kettle, popcorn maker, flatware set, blade set and container set, all with the trademark of the most beloved big-screen and comic book superheroine to connect with young audiences and movie lovers.

Made of aluminum with a ceramic coating and a removable handle, the new Ítria cookware set promises versatility in use. That is because the sauce pan is 4 in 1: it can be used to prepare, serve, store, and freeze. It is simple to use, just remove the removable handle and that is it: the sauce pan turns into a container.
The set contains 10 pieces: two sauce pans and a deep frying pan, all with induction bottom, three glass lids, three plastic lids, and a removable handle. Because they are stackable, they also optimize space in the kitchen. And thanks to their versatility and design, they even go straight to the table: just pull out the handle. Then, just cover and that’s it: they can go to the freezer. The pieces have a body made of aluminum, which makes cooking food quick and uniform. They also have interior and exterior ceramic coating, which provides easy cleaning and greater durability. The handle and knobs are made of heat-resistant material and provide a much safer and more comfortable handling, as they do not get hot. The pieces are also dishwasher-safe.

The Trento Line combines the classic cast iron pan with the convenience of Starflon.

Fans of kitchen classics, but with a touch of innovation, were also contemplated by Tramontina’s launches. The Trento iron pans line combines the classic enameled cast iron pan with the convenience of Starflon nonstick. There are four models - casserole, wok, fryer, and frying pan - which can be used in gas, electric, vitroceramic, and induction stoves.

Una Ceramic line with olive color coating.

Those who prefer faster preparation and with little addition of fat to food, will love the Una Ceramic line, produced in stainless steel with triple bottom and ceramic coating in beige and olive colors, with 4 pieces.

Una Ceramic line is coated in olive and beige colors.

They can be used on different types of stoves and come with glass lids with steam vents and a perfect fit. In addition to these features, the sauce pans are dishwasher-safe and will make your kitchen routine more beautiful, and much more convenient.

The new Torino pressure cookers are offered in oil green and raspberry colors.

The difficult task here will be choosing the prettiest one: oil green or raspberry red? The new Torino pressure cookers, with a capacity of 4,5 liters, have interior and exterior ceramic coating, induction bottom, are easy to clean and have three valves - safety, work (pressure relief), and interior closing. The handles are heat-resistant Bakelite and have a thickness of 4 mm.

The Valência Black has a capacity of 7 liters and has interior and exterior ceramic coating.

For those who need a sauce pan with more capacity, the Valência Black, with 7 liters, has a black interior and exterior ceramic coating, reinforced anodized aluminum lid, pressure indicator system, and looks good in any kitchen.

Moldê utensils withstand between 180 °C (356 °F) and 210 °C (410 °F).

To prepare and serve, the Moldê utensils are the ideal choice. They are models of spoons, spatulas, and silicone brush with a nylon core, resistant up to 180 °C (356 °F) and of spatulas, knob, and silicone whisk with stainless steel handles resistant to 210 °C (410 °F) that will look good in the kitchen and at the table.




To make one of the most beloved spaces in the house more beautiful and functional, the range hood is an essential item. And there are several launches in this segment. The stainless steel range hoods with anti-fingertip Black Steel finish, have excellent performance and are discreet and silent.

The Incasso 75 Black Steel range hood, installed in the cabinet, makes the environment lighter and does not take up much space in the furniture. With LED lamps for greater savings, it can be installed in exhaust or purifier mode. The Square Isla 40 Silent Black Steel range hood, with a clean design and rectilinear format, can be installed in exhaust or purifier mode and has an interior anti-flame acoustic foam coating that reduces the perception of noise generated by the hood. For those who like a touch of style and impeccable finish in the kitchen, the Dritta Black and White 90 wall range hoods are made of stainless steel with automotive coating, which ensures durability and a super exclusive touch to the pieces. They can be installed in exhauster or purifier mode.

Kit Quadrum Tub in Flush mode (Bench level). It comes with a cutting board, strainer basket, soap dispenser, and built-in trash can.

When it is time to organize everything, there is nothing like a convenient and functional tub The Quadrum Tub, which can be installed in Flush (level to the bench) or Undermount (under the bench) modes, can be accompanied by different kits that complement its functionalities and make the consumer’s life more convenient. Boards, strainer basket, soap dispenser, and built-in trash can are some of the options available.




Whether in the kitchen, to weigh ingredients, or for the body, Tramontina expands its range of scales and brings to the market 4 new models for the kitchen and 3 for the body.

The Adatto line has scales of different sizes and accessories to make the consumer’s life easier. For the kitchen, they are:

1) The Tramontina Adatto with cutting board has a 5 kg capacity and is very convenient for making recipes.

2) The stainless steel Adatto also has a 5 kg capacity and ensures the precise taste of the food.

3) The collapsible stainless steel Adatto is convenient and effective for all types of kitchens. It has a 5 kg capacity.

4) The analog Adatto also has a 5 kg capacity and is easy to clean and handle.

The body scales are:

1) The nonslip digital Adatto has a tempered glass platform with a silicone coating making it great for use in the bathroom. It has four sensors for weight control and supports loads of up to 150 kilos.

2) The stainless steel Adatto body scale is resistant and durable and supports up to 180 kg via four sensors.

3) The digital smart Adattodigital smart Adatto adds technology to the object. Produced with a tempered glass platform, it supports up to 180 kilos, controls weight and maintains data history, with a Bluetooth connection, through the SenssunLife application, available on Google Play and App Store


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