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Institutional campaign further connects the brand with its audience - and shows that everyone has their own way of doing things beautifully.

How many rules have you heard? Tramontina embraces all tastes and styles and believes that everyone should pursue what they prefer.
We want to further explore creativity at home. Can an object be more than the functions described on the package? Can a teapot also be a flower plant pot? Can a fruit bowl be a bookcase?

Based on these questions, Tramontina launched a new brand campaign: The only rule is to do it your way, which idea is to show that each one of the over 20 thousand products in the portfolio can be used by the consumer in the way they prefer. 

The movement started on June 21 and runs until December 2021, with the objective of further connecting the brand with the young audience, showing the variety of Tramontina’s products and solutions, starting a conversation about sustainability and being even more inspiring.

The campaign has a concept film and 12 films that show the concept translation “ The only rule is to do it your way!”: everyone can do it their own way. An object can be used far beyond factory specifications - depending on the creativity of each one.

Esqueça as regras | Tramontina

And to strengthen the conversation, there is also a team of 15 influencers (Preta Gil, Ticiane Pinheiro, Duda Nagle, Tata Pereira, Andréa Nakamura, Mohamad Hindi, Receitas e Temperos, Ju Ferraz, Beto Nóbrega, Magá Moura, Apartamento 203, Bruna Tramontina, Morando Sozinho, Geraldo Rufino, and Flávia Ferrari) who, through actions throughout the campaign period, show that really “The only rule is to do it your way!” With this strategy, the estimate is for the brand to have over 730 million impacts. 

The campaign’s presence is also on the brand’s social networks, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, on programmatic media and on cable TV. The focus is on an audience of men and women between 25 and 44 years old who are passionate about decor, books, recipes, and home entertainment. People who are always looking for new ways to get inspired and use their creativity at home, in the kitchen, or with the family.

Tramontina also offers customers a trousseau of Digital POS pieces, for them to use and customize with their logo, leaving all channels in synergy. And the campaign does not stop in Brazil. It has also been globally adapted for different markets, with the concepts “The only rule is to do it your way” in English and “No hay reglas para hacerlo a tu manera” in Spanish, and broadcast locally in several countries, such as Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina.

No hay reglas | Tramontina

Abroad, the campaign follows the same communication strategy planned for Brazil, focusing mainly on online media, such as social networks, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and programmatic media.


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