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In Germany, in June, July, and August 2021, Tramontina promoted a campaign in 68 Edeka cash & carry points of sale. A special display for the POS and promotional material was created for an exclusive loyalty program with 12 barbecue products, including grilling utensils, skewers, barbecue grill, cutting boards, and flatware.

The customer Calvo Cendra S.A. was awarded a fully customized vehicle with the Tramontina PRO brand.

In Paraguay, the customer Calvo Cendra S.A. (CACESA) was awarded a fully customized vehicle with the Tramontina PRO brand, due to achieving the established goals. This customer is one of the main importers of the PRO Line in Paraguay and also in Latin America, covering the entire national territory and operating in different sales channels.



On June 25, 2021, Governor Eduardo Leite visited Tramontina TEEC, one of the Group’s units, headquartered in Carlos Barbosa (RS) and located in front of the construction of the new interchange in the city. On the agenda was the signing of the term of agreement to carry out paving works on state highways, in partnership with the private sector, through the Asphalt Access Incentive Program (PIAA/RS) - instituted by Complementary Law No. 15.405, of December 18, 2019. Tramontina, together with the municipality of Carlos Barbosa (RS), is responsible for improving access to the locality of Desvio Machado, on the BR-470/RS highway, in Carlos Barbosa. In addition to the governor, the transport secretary, Juvir Costella, the Chairman of the Administrative Board, Clovis Tramontina, the Director-Counsel, Ildo Paludo, the mayor and vice mayor of Carlos Barbosa, Everson Kirch and Beatriz Martin Bianco, Tramontina TEEC directors, Riccardo Bianchi and Giovane Capitani, and the respective engineers, Tiago Nicaretta and Pedro Sipp attended the visit to Tramontina.


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