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Tramontina has received several awards and recognitions over the past few months and celebrates these achievements with the pride of those who are motivated to increasingly satisfy our customers and consumers. The brand believes that these are the result of the daily work of over 10 thousand employees who help to produce products that inspire our consumers to have an increasingly beautiful daily life. Check it out.

Merco Empresas e Líderes 2020 Award

Tramontina is among the 100 companies in the Merco 2020 Ranking (Corporate Reputation Business Monitor), a survey carried out between July and December 2020.

Tramontina Awards:
- General Company Ranking: 48th position
- Sectoral Company Ranking in the Consumer Goods category: 4th position


Merco Responsabilidade ESG 2020 Award

Between July and December 2020, Merco carried out the survey for the 7th edition of the Merco Ranking of Responsibility and Corporate Governance in Brazil.

Tramontina Awards:
- Sectoral Company Ranking in the Consumer Goods category: 4th position
- General Company Ranking: 48th position


Marcas de Quem Decide 2021

Marcas de Quem Decide is a survey carried out by Jornal do Comércio in partnership with Qualidata, which aims to recognize the remembrance and preference of brands in Rio Grande do Sul.

Tramontina Awards:
- Hand Tool: 1st in preference and remembrance
- Great Gaucho Brand: 1st in preference and 2nd in remembrance
- Environmental Gaucha Brand: 4th in remembrance
- Innovative Gaucho Brand: 3rd in preference and remembrance
- Proactivity in the Pandemic: 4th in preference and remembrance

Top Of Mind Revenda Construção 2020/2021

The Revenda Group, in partnership with Quinta Essência Inteligência de Mercado, conducted a survey with retailers in the South, Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest regions of Brazil, to understand which brands are most remembered in the construction material sector.

Tramontina Awards:
1st Place
- Hand Tools for Construction Work
- Hand Tools for Gardening and Agriculture
- Stainless Steel Sink and Tub
- Wheelbarrow
- Garden Hose
2nd Place - Socket, Plug, and Switch
3rd Place - Plug Adapter Pin
4th Place - Linear Drain
5th Place - Distribution Board

Top Of Mind RS

Groundbreaking in Brazil, the brand memory research carried out by AMANHÃ generates recognition, identity affirmation, value generation, and deepening bonds with society for its winners. This is the 31st edition of Top Of Mind.

Tramontina Awards:
- Top Of Mind - 1st place - Great Company of RS
- Top Of Mind RS - Flatware and Tools
- Love Brands RS - Flatware

Folha de São Paulo

Folha de São Paulo, in partnership with the Datafolha Institute, conducts a survey with the Brazilian population to highlight the most remembered brands in various segments.

Tramontina Awards:
- Barbecue Blades
- Sauce pans


Recognition that rewards industries that were highlighted in the civil construction segment.

Tramontina Awards:
- Flexible PVC Electroducts - 3rd place in Large Customers and Honorable Mention in Large Customers and in Spraying

Gente Nossa Fornecedor Trophy

It is a tribute from the Minas Gerais Supermarkets Association (AMIS) to the sector’s supplier industry. The entity grants the award to companies that stand out in the market based on the evaluation criteria: service, on-time delivery, product quality, business relationship with supermarkets, and market share.

Tramontina Awards:
- Outlet - 1st Place


In June 2021, Tramontina Belém (PA) underwent an audit by the Federal Revenue Service and achieved the OEA (Authorized Economic Operator) certification, becoming the first unit of the Tramontina group and the first company in the state of Pará to have this type of certification. The Authorized Economic Operator is a strategic partner of the Internal Revenue Service that will be certified as a low risk and reliable operator. Therefore, you will enjoy benefits offered by Customs, including greater flexibility and predictability in international trade flows. The certification ensures more safety for the cargo and better control of the logistic process.


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