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An admirable journey, paved with the commitment of a great team.

A attentive eye on people has always been a part of Tramontina’s history. We believe that true growth is that which does not end with the passing of time, but is renewed every day through a healthy and harmonious relationship.

Our commitment to incorporating the most modern technologies has never separated us from the ideal of valuing what only the human eye is capable of providing: the care and determination to always do the best. That is how we won over Brazil, Latin America and the World.

Tramontina Cutelaria (RS) employees. Taken prior to the pandemic.

Our company is formed by over 10,000 employees, who seek new opportunities to always do better every day. We have a relationship of transparency, simplicity, professional improvement, engagement and a collaborative environment, characteristics that are fundamental to us. This is how Tramontina has operated for 110 years and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Nothing beats the trust and dedication of our teams. Here is a place for people who always do things beautifully!


See the profile of Tramontina employees:

Female: 34%

Male: 66%

Age (average): 33 years old

Time at the company (average): 9.7 years


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