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A complete line of modular organizers, with over 300 products, including cabinets, panels, benches, shelves, tool carts and boxes - and from a brand that ensures high performance: Tramontina PRO. You can customize the organizer color, choose the tools, record the name of the company or sector in each tool and even choose the organizer position on your work space.

With so many possibilities, Tramontina PRO has entered into partnerships with several companies that have laser marking tools and color organizers according to the standard of each brand:

John Deere Dealerships - Specific and customized compositions as needed.

Bosch Service Workshops - Tramontina PRO serves the chain of more than 1500 Bosch Service workshops in Brazil.

Continental Pneus Stores - Modular organizers with the brand’s visual pattern.

Campneus/Pirelli stores - Customized organizers according to the chain pattern.

Case Dealerships - Tramontina PRO organizers and tools.

Sotreq Dealerships - Caterpillar - Responsible for distributing the Caterpillar brand in the Southeast, Midwest, North, and Northeast regions, use organizers and tools according to the brand’s pattern.

Modular organizers are versatile and make the work environment more beautiful, organized, safe and agile, as each tool has its place. The full range is available at Tool Organizers.


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