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Eletrik and Farroupilha (RS) import machines to perfect the lines and ensure autonomy, efficiency and even more quality for our products.

Tramontina is constantly evolving and expanding. We keep investing in our production lines to make them increasingly beautiful.

The new 1300-ton aluminum injection molding machine for Tramontina Eletrik (RS) has arrived from Switzerland. A machine with two robots, built-in quality control, mold and liquid aluminum temperature control, hydraulic deburring press, and much more. This is the most advanced technology available in casting production. The new injection molding machine will help not only with quality, but also quantity and variety, because it has the capacity to make larger products than the previous machines.

Aluminum Injector at Tramontina Eletrik (RS)

In Farroupilha (RS), the novelty is the last stage of nationalization for the production line of refrigerator and freezer counters. If polyurethane foam cabinets up to now were imported and the national components were assembled on the countertop line, with acquisition of the press for polyurethane foam and expansion of the equipment injection line that enables pressurized injection, today the Professional Kitchen factory has the capacity to produce 100% national Refrigerated and Freezer Counters. Now we can proudly say that our countertops are entirely made in Brazil.

Novelties in Tramontina’s expansion process that also serves as a reminder: we do things beautifully so that you can too.


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