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There is more news coming from Central America and the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.

Central America Campaign

We took advantage of the end of the year to create an awareness campaign in Central America and the Dominican Republic using products that connect with the Christmas mood. The 100% digital effort reached 10 million people and generated more than 400,000 interactions with the brand. Consisting of investments in social media (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and programmatic content, the campaign was held during the month of December and advertised products that bring magic to the end of the year in the lives of consumers.

Chattle and More Store in Dubai 

In late 2020, the Chattle and More store in Dubai began to feature Tramontina products. The store is known for offering high quality furniture and ambiance products. 

FoodPanda and Tramontina Singapore

We are the exclusive partner for the FoodPanda app in the cookware area. 

FoodPanda has over 1.5 million users and 3000 delivery staff. In addition to food, they deliver party items, personal hygiene products and household utensils within 30 minutes.


Presence in Europe

In 2020, the first export of Tramontina Delta plastic to Europe also took place: a container of trash cans to the United Kingdom - with such positive acceptance that there has already been a request for replacement - and another two to Germany, one of trash cans and another with a mix of vases. 

The year 2020 was also important for us to consolidate Tramontina’s presence in the main UK marketplaces. Amazon and Wayfair warrant special mention.


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