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Tramontina bets on inspiration as a way to present its portfolio in campaigns and also in the promotional calendar. 

From stainless steel cookware that offers a world of possibilities to Christmas that makes magic happen, Tramontina’s campaigns aim to inspire consumers to make it beautiful. To this end, the brand has concentrated its efforts on influencer teams, online and offline campaigns, and on celebratory dates in the Brazilian promotional calendar.


Pots that inspire

Tramontina Stainless Steel pots inspire! They also offer a world of possibilities for surprising everyone with your recipes and doing things beautifully. To show all of these attributes, the brand has developed a content plan with the aid of three influencers specialized in the matter: Sandra Matarazzo, Andréa Nakamura and Rita Lobo. The campaign aired from November 2020 to March 2021, on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the influencers and the brand. Our customers were also able to count on a collection of pieces with the graphic look of the campaign.

Barbecue is plurality

Tramontina’s new Barbecue campaign depicted the plurality of barbecue. In other words, barbecue is integration. And the zucchini tip is as important as the steak tip. Because there is no one way of making barbecue. There is just your way! And Tramontina respects everyone’s individual barbecue style.

That’s why we created a campaign to show people that, even with all the plurality, Tramontina upholds two traditions: it keeps offering the best utensils and respect for your barbecue. The campaign ran from November 2020 to May 2021 on the main digital media - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google. In addition to the video and the digital communication pieces produced, we relied on a team of 7 influencers, members of the Sociedade do Churrasco (Barbecue Society), who delivered relevant content including preparation tips, cuts, recipes and products.

The influencers were: Paula Labaki, Netão, Tati Bassi, Júlia Carvalho, BBQ Bueno, Brunão BBQ and Marcelo Bolinha.

The campaign also included a slew of items for social networks and points of sale. Our customers could also get them at stores, both physical and virtual.

Watch the campaign video:


Master partnership!

In 2020, we have kept up our successful partnership with MasterChef and were on the main Brazilian TV cooking show for the sixth consecutive year. We continue to reinforce the products’ attributes and strengthen the brand through special actions on MasterChef programs and social networks. Stainless steel cookware, Century knives, cutting boards and the Tramontina by Breville line of appliances were the lines explored in the actions.

Special dates for doing things beautifully

Seen as a new Black Friday, Brazil Week was born to drive sales in September. The date, while still young, caught on - after all, who doesn't want a discount? - and was another opportunity for Tramontina to position itself as a national brand, with the concept “Where there are Brazilians, Tramontina is there”.

In November, Black Friday showed that it has become a part of the Brazilian calendar for good. In addition to waiting for the date, consumers were more attentive to the deals. The ideal scenario for Tramontina Black November: a month of real deals on products that make all the difference in the consumer’s home. We were able to generate sales and at the same time reinforce our credibility with consumers.

On one of the most important retail dates, Christmas, we brought the “Make Magic Happen” campaign. A campaign to give a gift all of our greatest companion in 2020: our homes - and the homes of those we love. With physical and digital pieces, we showed that everyone could make Christmas more beautiful in their own way and, on our social networks, we brought content that helped during these times, whether it was customization, decoration or a gift.

To inspire our consumers even more, we relied on a diverse team of influencers who brought tips on how to give their favorite space in the home a gift. @maniadedecoracao
quarto: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIx4BlPhP6Q/?hl=pt-br @acasadobeto
prateleira com luminária para home office: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CI5039mF_Z0/?hl=pt-br @luciellenassis
varanda: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CI6xBRqHClL/?hl=pt-br @maisumcasalpreto
área externa: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CI6lmUKB4GU/?hl=pt-br @acasacomoelae
mesa posta de Natal: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJD6rnuJNSf/?hl=pt-br @brutramontina
quarto da filha: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PD_qJ4f0Xk5isSVFKz3KN94FjlNmte1Z

An in-depth action that brought a common truth for many Brazilians in 2020: make the home even more beautiful.

Visual Campaign Identity

In the most awaited season of the year, from November 2020 to February 2021, we had the already traditional Tramontina Season campaign, on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. In this issue, we have updated the visual identity of the campaign, with new illustrations and jingle.

The campaign featured pieces on our social networks and Google Search, taking consumers to our Product Finder, plus 4 landing pages for each segment of the campaign: Household Utilities, Tools, Electrical Materials and Home.

We were also present at the points of sale with a collection of pieces, ads in two editions of Freeway magazine and 2 billboard sequences, for those who were on their way to the beach.

Ad for disseminating the action

Beautiful relationships

Tramontina believes in relationships between people. That is why relationship actions with opinion shapers and influencers are also fundamental. The demand for gardening and landscaping items has grown because of the stay-at-home time. In partnership with Isla Sementes, a renowned company in the seed market, we send kits with Tramontina products and seeds for selected profiles, from the Landscaping, Home Garden and Better Eating segments. The action had great repercussion. Of the 32 activated profiles, 22 published, totaling 176 posts on the social networks of these influencers.

Japanese cuisine is a national passion. There is nothing more appropriate than promoting Tramontina knives on Sushi Day, November 1st.

21 chefs and Japanese food enthusiasts were handpicked to receive products from the Gold, Silver and Diamond lines. The execution time and tone used in the contact were as precise as the knives. The activation generated over 300 posts on social networks and content that went way beyond just received posts in stores. We see the immersion of people in the kitchen as a unique opportunity to advertise our cutting boards. Chefs and culinary influencers, table-setting influencers and lifestyle influencers received Tramontina’s Concreta and Provence line of boards at home, as well as some other cutting boards. The goal of the action was to generate awareness, presenting various solutions through the use of Tramontina cutting boards. The return from the action was positive, with more than 180 insertions, showing the products in use and generating more engagement than expected.


Awards worth gold

The maintenance of marketing actions over the years and the high level of Tramontina products generate sales, loyal customers and, no less important, recognition. Check out the awards the brand received in late 2020:>


Top Of Mind - Folha de SP

Folha Top of Mind is a traditional survey conducted by the Datafolha institute, which awards the brands most remembered by the Brazilian population for more than 30 years. The survey is conducted with a sampling of the population, with one question: “What is the first brand that comes to mind?” The award event took place online in October, 2020.


Tramontina Awards

Barbecue Knife


Ad Printed in Folha de São Paulo Magazine

Best Product of the Year - Revenda Construção Magazine

The Best Product of the Year Award is the result of Revenda Construção’s Top Of Mind voting, when the five finalist companies in each category indicate the products to compete for the Best Product of the Year.  Telephone interviews are conducted with store owners in the four main regions of Brazil, with the main goal of detecting which products have obtained the highest turnover and profitability at the POS in the last twelve months and are part of the ideal mix to have in the store. The award event took place online in November, 2020.


Tramontina Awards

1st Place

. Electric nylon string trimmer

. Morgana Maxi drop-in sink

. Extraforte wheelbarrow

. Flex garden hose


3rd Place

. TR3KA 1P 32 A circuit breaker 


4th Place

. Drill bit for steel

. 27-mm polished nail hammer

. 5-m professional tape measure     

. Distribution board


 5th Place

. 2P+T 10 A - 250V~ male plug 

. 4X2 single switch + 2P outlet set

Ad Printed in Revenda Magazine


Award that recognizes companies in the Civil Construction industry. The award event took place online in November, 2020.


Tramontina Awards

1st Place – Great Customer - Switches, Plugs and Outlets

2nd Place – Spraying - Switches, Plugs and Outlets

3rd Place – Great Customers - PVC Flexible Conduits

Honorable Mention – Spraying and Great Customers - PVC Flexible Conduits

Honorable Mention – Spraying and Great Customers - Electric Tools

Honorable Mention - Spraying - Electrical Tape


Empresas Mais - Estadão

Empresas Mais brings a map of the biggest companies in the country, with the ranking created by FIA and Austin Rating. The publication evaluates the economic criteria and the performance of each company in the areas of Corporate Governance and Innovation, pointing out the companies with the best management and results in the country. The award event took place online in December, 2020.


Tramontina Award

1st place in the Consumer Goods category

Ad Printed in Caderno Estadão

Trade Marketing on the move

The New Solutions developed by Trade Marketing bring more visibility to Tramontina products, leaving them displayed in a more attractive way to the shopper at the POS and, consequently, generating more sales. All solutions are conceived taking several studies in the area into account, where they emphasize that the way and the place where the product is exposed directly impacts the shopper.

And we started 2021 with the launch of the new trade platform. Fully intuitive and dynamic, it centralizes all trade solutions available to the market in a single place. These are display solutions, merchandising or digital materials, planograms, special projects and promotional calendar actions. This search channel is always up-to-date with the latest new developments.

See this platform together with your sales representative and discover all that trade can offer your business.

Thinking about the consumer’s journey and the marketing strategy that accompanies them from the first interaction with the brand until they make the purchase, Trade Marketing helps shoppers at several moments, such as when they find Tramontina products in the online stores of partner clients, in a fast, intuitive and digital way.

One of the focuses for 2021 in this regard is to make enriched content on Tramontina products available to online partner customer stores for free. In addition, there is the possibility of customizing the Media Plans of all Tramontina campaigns for online stores. These Media Plans include a variety of materials, such as cards, stories, banners and captions with exclusive content for customers. All these initiatives make the shopper get more interested and, consequently, buy Tramontina products!


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