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From augmented reality in the consumer’s home to hybrid and electric cars, our focus is on innovation that makes things beautiful.

The ability to innovate is in Tramontina’s DNA - whether in products or processes. And one of the processes that have been changing most rapidly over the years is the consumer shopping journey. But one thing doesn’t change: the desire to be delighted. For this reason, we developed an augmented reality tool for our consumers to see the brand’s furniture in their environment - and see for themselves how beautiful it will look!

All models are full-scale and there is no need to download an application: just scan the QR Code. Why not try it out right now?

Solutions for hybrid and electric cars?

We have them!

You may be asking yourself: what do hybrid and electric cars and trucks have to do with Tramontina? It’s no secret that hybrid and electric cars will be a reality in a few years. And Tramontina PRO has specific tools in its portfolio for maintenance on these kinds of vehicles.

It is a complete line of insulated tools and specific kits for this segment, which offers total safety for those who work with electricity. Recommended for activities with up to 1,000 volts of alternating current and 1,500 volts of direct current, they meet the requirements of the international IEC 60900 standard (equivalent to the European EN 60900) and NR 10 requirements. In addition, the cases/kits can be customized with the most appropriate tools for each workshop.

The line offers fixed, combination, star and adjustable wrenches, sockets and accessories, pliers, screwdrivers and spanners, mini saws, cable stripping knives and tool cases. To ensure total safety for users, Tramontina has its own laboratory (CIPeD - Center for Innovation, Research and Development), recognized by the competent body, which tests and certifies 100% of the parts it manufactures.

Innovation at the table

And when innovation is right there, at your set table? The Provence line of boards is based on the lifestyle of Southern France, reminiscent of the small villages, spices and herbs of the region. Made of reforested Teak Wood with a mineral oil finish, which does not alter or modify the flavor and composition of food, they are approved for use in contact with food in accordance with international standards and are great for beautiful serving.


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