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Good news has also come out of our international operations.

Tramontina Canada Inc.

Tramontina has just opened a facility in Canada. It is a regional sales office and a local stock location with logistics operator.

Located in the Toronto area, the new facility, a subsidiary of Tramontina USA, will focus on retail sales, online channels and the Hospitality segment.


Tramontina Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Tramontina has also opened a new unit to serve the Malaysian market. It is a Distribution Center located in the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur, which will focus on retail sales and online channels.


New T Store in Colombia

In Colombia, sales grew 40% during the pandemic and we opened a new T Store in Medellin, the fourth in the country - the others are also in Medellin (El Tesoro) and Bogotá (Collina and Floresta). The new store covers 160 square meters in Santafe Mall, with over 800 products available to customers.

It will have a concept that we call “worlds”, unique in Colombia, which are:

Prepare, Celebrate, Serve, Themed, Cutting and Children. Moreover, the store will have something additional, because it will have two more “worlds”: Equip, which includes dishwashers, ovens, exhaust hoods and induction stoves; and Ambient, related to plastic and wooden furniture.

5 Years of TUK

5 years and counting...

Leadership, work, transparency, persistence, stamina, customer satisfaction and appreciation are responsible for Tramontina reaching its first 5 years in the United Kingdom. Watch the institutional video:


There is nothing better than celebrating by expanding the portfolio. Currently, the Distribution Center in the UK has items mostly from the brand’s factories: Farroupilha, Belém, Multi, Garibaldi, TEEC, Delta and Madeiras.

The year 2020 was also important for starting projects with new categories in other countries served by the facility, such as Scandinavia, with varied articles from Belém and Madeiras; Israel, with pot lines from Farroupilha; Portugal, with furniture from Belém; and Italy, with garbage cans from TEEC.

We are doing this beautifully out in the world.


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