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Communicating, acting, reusing are some of the actions that help transform our environment every day. And it is measures like these that make sustainability a Tramontina practice, within the Tramontina Transforma project.


In order to reinforce and communicate the actions it carries out; materials were developed to communicate and engage the teams on the main dates for the environment in the period. World Water Day, on March 22, explored the importance of preserving water resources and the measures the company adopts for this, in addition to communicating products that help consumers do their part.



On World Environment Day, on June 5, the contents showed that the environment is the entire system that involves life on the planet and that it needs all of us to be preserved. In addition to advertisements, content for the blog was produced with a list of films and documentaries to transform ideas about sustainability. On Forest Protection Day, on July 17, the pieces showed the actions on production forests and preservation areas to employees and the community.





To mark the International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste, which takes place in September, Tramontina promoted a campaign with tips to avoid unnecessary food waste. The contents were posted on social networks, sent in Newsletters, and broadcast on TV. Hungry for attitude, the brand brought guidance to its consumers about attitudes that can contribute to a world with more use of food and less waste.



This year, operations came into effect to minimize the environmental impact on the life cycle of its electrical and electronic products, in accordance with legislation (Federal Decree 10240/2020).

This is a reverse logistics operation for post-consumer products, in which the Brazilian Association for Recycling of Electronics and Household Appliances (ABREE) provides locations for receiving products at the end of their useful life, which minimizes possible environment contamination generated for potential incorrect disposal. The nationwide program is operated by ABREE, which also works on campaigns to collect electronic waste. To learn more about the correct disposal of the Tramontina electrical and electronic object and its package, access http://abree.org.br/


And as reusing resources is a constant practice of the company, an accumulation box was installed at Tramontina Cutelaria (RS) in the Starflon Division, next to the main water tank, to store part of the treated effluent at the Starflon Sewage Plant. This effluent is reused for toilet flushing in some sectors.

Reuse began in October 2020 and, until May 2021, 2,516 m³ of treated effluent had been reused, an average of 314 m³ per month, which represents around 9% of the effluent released by the Starflon Sewage Plant. Every drop matters!


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