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To increasingly excel in consumers’ homes, we delved into technology and design to bring not just products, but unforgettable experiences.

Sit back and relax with a coffee, because we are full of new things to tell you about! Tramontina started out 2021 with many new releases. One of them is for that coffee - and for water or tea... The Exata line of thermoses gained a few new models, now made of polypropylene and packed with design as the first models in the line made of stainless steel. The product is now available in green, black, red, beige and even a limited edition in Ultimate Gray and Illuminating bright yellow tones, the colors of 2021 chosen by Pantone. In both versions, bottle or teapot, there is a cork-type closing system, drip stopper and 1-liter capacity.


Lighting makes all the difference to a good design.  For those who prefer a different kind of lighting, the new line of LED spots has arrived. It includes three powers - 3W, 5W and 7W, at the 3000K and 6500K color temperatures. It is also good for your health: it does not emit UV or infrared radiation and it is Flicker-free, meaning that it does not have variations that give a flickering sensation, imperceptible to the eyes but picked up by the brain, generating fatigue, stress, headaches and even more serious problems in cases of long-term exposure.

The spots can be round or square, have a beam angle of 38°, a luminous flux of up to 560 Lumens, and luminous efficiency of up to 80 lm/W. They are recyclable, mercury- and lead-free. Because of all this, they are pretty in both residential and commercial environments.



Brazilians’ most beloved part of the home - the kitchen - is also full of new Tramontina developments. And we are going to start looking up. Tramontina has new exhaust hoods for all tastes and needs. We combined design and technology to create the Slim Isla 90 Hood. The only one made in Brazil in the Slim and Slim Split versions, with a very thin body, where the controls are located, measuring just 30mm in thickness.

The Slim Split version allows for installing the motor up to 6 meters from the hood body, reducing sound perception by up to 71% - a major distinction that makes it the quietest hood in Brazil. Both versions are made of stainless steel, with LED bulbs to ensure greater savings and allow for the use of supplementary chimneys for kitchens with ceiling height of up to 4,03 meters. But the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. They have a black beveled glass on the top that adds a lot of value to the pieces.

The Square Isla 40 Silent Hood, made of stainless steel, grabs the attention with its striking, minimalist design. It also has 4 speeds and LED bulbs and can be installed in kitchens with higher ceilings, up to 3.38 m - through the use of supplementary chimneys. It has a flame-proof acoustic interior coating, which also reduces sound perception, and it comes equipped with a unique high-efficiency grease filter, which can be washed and is entirely coated in stainless steel.

And for cooking? The Evora line of pots and pans has arrived to look beautiful in the kitchen. An aluminum line with ceramic interior coating and silicone-coated exterior. The lids are made of tempered glass with steam vent and stainless steel rim. Apart from beautiful, they are also super efficient!

The Monaco line gained an induction bottom on all pans in the category. A major evolution for fans of this type of product. Besides being beautiful and practical, they have Starflon Premium Nonstick interior and exterior coating on all black items and exterior polyester coating on the red items.

Both the Evora and Monaco lines are dishwasher-safe and work perfectly on gas, electric, vitroceramic and electric resistor stoves. What’s more, the Monaco Induction Line also works on induction stovetops.

When the time comes to wash the dishes, the Morgana line of sinks helps organize the kitchen. A new model has been release: a sink that can be mounted under the countertop, which is efficient and has accessories made just for it. Highly functional, it can be purchased with the complete kit: soap dispenser, cutting board and strainer basket. To complete the sink of your dreams, the Versa Tap is the launch that was missing. It has 360° rotation, articulated spout and is made from lead-free stainless steel, which ensures greater hygiene, durability and strength. It has smooth walls, which prevent the retention of particles in the water, and to reduce waste, it has an anti-drip system and aerator, which makes the water mix with air and reduces consumption, providing a sensation of greater flow.



Apart from beauty, design is also prominent in the latest release in the Summa line, the Elisa. A chair replete with style and color options made of polypropylene and aluminum, which makes it light, versatile and sturdy. It looks good in any environment.

Tramontina hasn’t forgotten garden lovers. Perfect to give your veranda or kiosk a rustic touch, the Flower Panel is made of solid wood and comes in two versions, with or without shelves.

The shelved version can hold flower pots, herbs and various little plants; the shelf-less version can hold a hanging garden or serve as a space to store tools.

To contribute to irrigation and water transport systems, widely used in agriculture and civil construction, Tramontina’s Hose Fittings are perfect for connecting various models of tubes and hoses. Their fitting areas make the systems secure, preventing water waste.


We also have many new developments in the Tramontina PRO line. The Vertical System Cabinet with 4 vertical drawers has arrived to organize any workshop. It addition to optimizing space by up to 5 times compared to a traditional cabinet, it is sturdy, withstands up to 3 tons of distributed load when configured with 5 drawers.

After all, just having the right tool is not enough: you need to always have it on hand.


The Open Collapsible Tool Cart, on the other hand, was designed especially for workshops and dealerships. Practical and with reinforced walls, it can go from one side to another with ease. Its compact packaging was developed to facilitate operation and reduce the cost of transportation.

For those who work with electrical installations, the new Panel Ducts are ideal for installations in control panels, distribution boards, industrial circuits, information technology, commercial and residential electrical installations. Made of flame-resistant PVC, they are open and therefore facilitate access to the cables while simultaneously protecting the material.


Safety is the keyword when talking about our next novelty: Tramontina Electrical Tape. MasterGrip, for household use, is made of flame-resistant material, withstands voltages of 600V and temperatures from 0°C to 80°C. It is available in black, yellow, blue, white, green and red.

The Ultragrip, on the other hand, is for professional use, made of flame-resistant material, withstands 600V voltage and temperatures from -25°C to 105°C. It is available in the color black.

Thinking about the practicality and beauty of different commercial establishments, we launched the 65-liter Institutional Trash Cans. They are our biggest stainless steel trash cans, made in Brazil and available in versions with or without a swinging lid. 


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