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On Mother’s Day, Tramontina continued the 2020 campaign, with the concept #MãeÉIncrível. The campaign aired from April 9, 2021, and featured a team of influencers, who showed us how the love of a mother has become even more incredible over the past year. The influencers present in the campaign were Aline Lima, Natália Guimarães, Michele Crispim, Talita Ramos, Thaise de Mari, Eva Lima e Bruna Tramontina. For partner customers, the brand has made available physical and digital merchandising materials, ensuring the products stand out and helping shoppers with special gift options.

A Valentine’s Day to cherish love stories.

For Valentine’s Day, the idea was to tell the unique story of each couple. On a once again atypical Valentine’s Day, Tramontina encouraged people to treasure the ingredients that make their stories so unique and beautiful!

The brand created a relationship action by sending press kits (sets for wines and cheese, Polaroid photos and refrigerator magnets) to a group of influencers and opinion makers couples. The return of the action was positive, generating more than 50 spontaneous posts in the selected mailing profiles. In the press, the brand released suggestions for gifts and recipes to impress on this date. On Tramontina’s social networks, special content was also created, with recipes and tips to enjoy the date. For customers, a complete set of digital pieces was prepared to be personalized, leaving consumers well-informed about Tramontina’s giftable products on this very special date.

Press kits were sent out to couples of influencers and opinion makers.
Consumer Month Campaign came to Trade Marketing for the first time.

Consumer Month, which is celebrated in March, was born to celebrate consumer rights and ended up becoming a commercial event that promotes product promotions. In 2021, it was the first year that Tramontina took the Consumer Month Campaign to Trade Marketing, offering digital pieces to partner customers.

Brand customers also received digital pieces to use in their channels.

During Carnaval, in an atypical year and without street parties, the brand gave tips to consumers on how to set up their own bar at home. For customers, digital pieces were made available to advertise Tramontina products and keep all communication in tune.

Blog had special content on International Women’s Day.

On International Women’s Day, Tramontina was present on social networks with special content, in addition to a blog post with the theme ‘5 suggestions of books written by women’.


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