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Tramontina’s product portfolio grew and gained visibility with campaigns and support from partner influencers who did well when showing the brand’s innovation to consumers.

In the tool line, the objective of the different campaigns was to show that Tramontina is the ideal option for high-performance work. In the Tramontina PRO line, activation campaigns take place throughout the year, with advertisements in the following Magazines: Oficina Brasil, O Mecânica, P&S, and Máquinas e Equipamentos, in addition to content in partnership with influencers: Oficina Ferraza, Daniel Mecfire, Canal da Peça, Dr. Auto Mecânica, Racetech, Leônidas Borges, Madeira Performance, and Garra Motos Racing.

New Tramontina PRO networks bring information about the universe of high-performance tools.

In June 2021, Tramontina PRO launched its own channels on Facebook and Instagram. The brand’s idea is to impact the professional mechanic’s journey by increasing content visibility. The channels will be a source of content with service on professional tools, in addition to serving as a reference in information about the brand’s portfolio, with useful posts and encouragement to experience exchange.

As for the Tramontina Master lines, with tools for Civil Construction professionals, and Tramontina Faça Você Mesmo, with objects for domestic use, the campaigns were focused on programmatic media and Father’s Day dark posts.

Pieces aimed at the professional audience show the highlighted products.
Advertisements for the final audience show products present in the environment.



And for those who choose quality, design, power, and reliability in electrical materials, the ideal choice is Tramontina. With this message directional, campaigns for civil construction electricians, industrial, and electrical engineers and final consumers show the brand as an option for lighting and electrical products. These are sponsored posts on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages and an advertisement in the Potência Magazine and Lume Arquitetura. The segment also has a partnership with influencers specialized in the production of content related to residential and industrial electrical materials - Canal da Eletricidade, Mundo da Elétrica, Ensinando Elétrica, Sala da Elétrica, and JR Construção - and two influencers to bring inspirational content to the end consumer on creative reuse: Mania de Decoração and Casa do Edu.

Tramontina’s different product lines in cutting boards and wooden items are also the target of campaigns until the end of the year. In content from sponsored posts and with influencers (A Casa como ela é, Beluquices, Luiza Zaindan) that show the sustainability of the raw material, the design, functionality, and versatility, the brand values the portfolio and shows that choosing Tramontina means transforming environments.

Split Range Hood attributes are featured in the campaign
Pieces were worked on sponsored posts and branded content.

With the message directional “The pleasure of living new stories at home”, different Tramontina lines brought inspiring points of being at home. The brand worked on the communication of electrical appliances (range hoods, cooktops, dishwashers), tubs and trash cans, (Louçaterapia and Leve Cor) in sponsored posts, as well as dissemination on the blog and articles related to products in branded content in the Casa e Jardim and Casa Vogue Magazines. To expand the conversation in the architecture segment, the brand had a partnership with influencers:

Patricia - Doma Arquitetura (Instagram | Youtube), Marilia Zimmermann, Paola Cury, Eduardo Muzzi, and Duda Senna.

Campaign for plastic product lines showed a variety of products.

The communication of the line of plastic furniture, waste bins, plant pots, chests of drawers, and flower bed shows that there is room to be surprised by the products’ attributes. The campaign has sponsored posts, programmatic media, and a partnership with influencer Nina Braz, who offers tips for organizing home environments.



Tramontina’s home appliances, in partnership with the Australian company, Breville, were re-introduced in a campaign from May to August 2021. The focus was on the attributes of robust stainless steel products, such as coffee makers, mixers, toasters, electric kettles, among others, with the concept “Perfection that inspires us to impress“.

A new line of thermos and kettles in a plastic version, with more affordable prices, but the same quality, was launched with a campaign already appropriating the institutional discourse “The only rule is to do it your way.“ The bottles are out of ordinary, that is, in other words, the thermos do not work only for hot coffee, but for a multitude of beverages. The campaign was aired from May to July 2021 on the brand’s social networks. The Exata line bottles in limited edition Pantone 2021 colors were sent to a mailing list of over 100 influencers and opinion makers. The action generated over 200 spontaneous posts.

For customers, Tramontina has developed exclusive displays for a differentiated display of Thermal Bottles and Kettles, highlighting the POS. In addition, digital content was made available and customized to partner customers, in order to further advertise the launch.

Tramontina also explores the universe of tea: from July 2021 to January 2022, in partnership with sommelier Raquel Magalhães, it develops video content, feed posts, and stories ranging from recipes according to the seasons to specific music suggestions for tea routines, always with the aim of encouraging and inspiring this moment.

The brand has not forgotten the coffee fans. In September, October, and November 2021, barista Maíra Teixeira created content on the concept and consumption of coffee, in videos for IGTV, reels, feed posts, and stories.

The barbecue line communication had advertisements and a special article.

For Tramontina, barbecue is everything that can be done on the fire, but Google is not yet familiar with this concept: barbecue is still just made from meat in the search engine results. For this reason, the brand promoted an action on Twitter, on Barbecue Day, on April 24, 2021. It gathered influencers (Cleytu, Babi, Rodpocket, and Kaliel Pinheiro) with a large presence on the web to tag @Google and promote major tweets with the #ChurascoÉ. This team also tagged some famous people to interact, such as César Menotti, Marília Mendonça, among others. The profile for this action was @churrascoeh. Interactions were turned into pieces of media. There were also other brand actions, such as an advertisement and article in Folha de S. Paulo and dissemination of content in partnership with Netão, a member of Sociedade do Churrasco, with tips to improve meat preparation.

The tweets with #churrascoeh it happened on Barbecue Day and had influencers take part.

The launch, which was a success among young people and movie lovers, the exclusive line of Wonder Woman 1984 licensed utensils was disclosed through an action to send products to influencers in the geek and youth lifestyle segment. And, to generate even more content on the subject, in May 2021, the brand had a partnership with influencers Gabriel Nerdland and Daniele Luquetta, from Canal Nerd Land, and Lia Camargo.

Disclosure of the Women Wonder 84 licensees counted on the help of influencers.

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