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Communicating efforts, creating solutions at the plants and offering products that help consumers and the planet. That is how we practice sustainability.

We have many environmental goals to meet in the next few years. To communicate them in a transparent way and disseminate our sustainable actions, we created the Tramontina Transforma digital platform. There, our future plans can be found, but also numbers, information and relevant data about what we are doing things beautifully today to transform tomorrow. There, customers, consumers, employees and the entire community can ask questions about how our products, raw materials, production processes and actions that can reduce our environmental impacts.

Visit the platform via this link or using the QRcode below and stay tuned to the actions!

One example is the reduction in waste sent to landfills. In 2020, Cutelaria (RS) found a promising solution for the sludge generated in the ETEs (Wastewater Treatment Stations), which was previously discarded. The sludge started getting processed and transformed into fertilizer. By the end of the year 106.5 tons were kept out of landfills. Other Tramontina facilities are now preparing to implement the same process.

We also understand that sustainability has to reach the line of products we offer. They need to be made in a sustainable way and also promote sustainability in our customers’ homes. Based on this understanding, we created the new Monde Filter Plus Mixer Tap. Made of stainless steel with a built-in 3M filter, it has the ability to mix hot and cold water and at the same time serve filtered water, which improves water quality, from a unique outlet. This product considerably reduces the use of PET bottles and jugs of water, contributing to a world with less plastic. Check out the video.


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